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SUPER KID is one of the most effective curriculum for kids. It has been designed to improve fitness and sporting abilities along with intensive martial arts curriculum. Program will also instill in them healthy lifestyle habits and assisting in their overall development.

Curriculum is structured to teach kids fundamental movement, gross motor skills progressively in a ‘FUN’ way.  The program focuses on very basic yet essential skills like locomotors and traveling skills, body and space awareness, jumping and landing, transferring weight, throwing and catching, chasing, fleeing and dodging, kicking and striking, injury prevention and safety, pathways and directions, balancing, co-operative learning, rhythms and dance.

500 + fun activities using props and music. The activities are conducted by specialized SUPER KID coaches who are experienced in managing and engaging kids.

Successful completion of the program showcases measurable improvements in the critical areas of agility, balance, co-ordination, endurance, speed and strength.


1. FOCUS OVERALL HEALTH & FITNESS - The curriculum focuses on different body systems (heart, lungs, muscles, bones, brain, etc.).  Children learn various exercise forms. Program plans exercise in a structured format that introduces a wide variety of sports, and builds coordination, balance and confidence

2. MARTIAL ARTS SPECIALIZATION - Help kids progressively specialize in Shotokan martial arts skills

3. DEVELOPMENT - Encourages physical activities to ensure overall development and well-being.

4. PHYSICAL SKILLS - Helps in enhancing gross motor skills, hand eye coordination and balance. It also introduces the basics of running, jumping, throwing and catching that is fundamental to all sports

5. SOCIAL SKILLS - Involves fun activities that facilitate team work and group interactions critical to improving social skills. The sessions imbibe positive behavioral traits and provide a positive outlet for expending energy

6. COGNITIVE APPROACH - The program ensures that the students understand and develop physical literacy through the game sense approach.

7. PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENT -Improves kids’ physical strength and provides due conditioning to their body

8. EXPOSURE – Program gives kids an exposure and experience in multiple sports

9. ASSESSMENTS& REPORTS - Periodic assessments carried out for kids to track progress and help them improve

10.NUTRITION& OTHERS - Children learn how to take care of their health, why it's important and how to make healthy eating choices.From the start, children learn exercise is fun, eating healthy keeps their bodies happy and rest is needed to grow and be strong

Program Activities

•       Martial Arts
•       Yoga
•       Archery
•       Mallakhamba
•       Boxing
•       Meditation
•       Sports - Introducing sporting abilities by various sports like Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Boxing, etc
•       500 + fun activities using props and music.
•       Quarterly  workshops / Demonstrations